prep time
15 minutes
cook time
15 minutes

Beet and Mint Sandwich Recipe

Thinking how to include beetroot, carrot and other healthy veggies in your kid's diet? Try this Beet and Mint Sandwich Recipe. It is a no-cook sandwich recipe that tastes delicious too.


1 Peeled Beetroot
4 Slices Of Sandwich Bread
1/4 cup Del Monte Eggless Mayo
1/4 cup Del Monte Mint Mayonnaise
1 TBSP Italian Seasoning
- Salt To Taste


  1. Steam the beetroot in microwave for 4 - 5 minutes.
  2. Once cooled, grate the beetroot.
  3. Combine grated beetroot, salt, seasoning and mayonnaise to make a thick sandwich spread. Keep in the fridge until required.
  4. Remove the edges of the bread.
  5. Smear a generous portion of the beetroot spread on one slice of the bread. Seal it with the other slice of the bread.
  6. Spread mint mayonnaise on the top slice of the bread and seal it with another slice of the bread. Cut the sandwich diagonally into two halves.
  7. Pack for the school lunchbox.

    ** You can prepare the similar sandwich spread with carrot as well. No need to steam the carrot. Simply grate and follow rest of the steps.

Enjoy your meal!

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