prep time
15 minutes
cook time
15 minutes

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Prepare a delicious spaghetti in meat sauce pasta dish with Del Monte Spaghetti. Enjoy the flavours of Italian spices and cheese in this dish. Serve with a side of salad.


1 Packet Del Monte Spaghetti
3 TBSP olive oil
3 Garlic Cloves, Minced
2 Medium Sized Onions, Finely Chopped
2 Ribs Celery, Finely Chopped
2 Carrots, Finely Chopped
500 Gms Mutton Mince
1 Cup (250 ML) Milk
1.5 Kgs Tomatoes, Blanched And Pureed
200 Gms Packet Tomato Puree
1/4 Tsp Dried Hot Red Chili Flakes
1 TSP Dried Basil
1 Tsp Dried Oregano
1 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Parsley
1 Tsp Salt And Pepper, Or To Taste
1 Cup Of The Pasta Water (To Thin Down The Sauce, If Required)


  1. Heat oil in a deep large skillet.
  2. Add the garlic, onions, celery and carrots and cook the vegetables for about 8 minutes, or until tender.
  3. Add in the ground meat and brown, discard excess fat, if any.
  4. Add in the milk. Cook, covered, for 20 min over medium low heat.
  5. Add in the tomatoes with their juices and puree to meat mixture. Add in remaining ingredients. Cook uncovered for 50-60 minutes.
  6. Taste and add seasoning if necessary.
  7. Cook your pasta according to package directions until al dente. Drain the noodles, saving about a cup of the pasta water. You might require it to thin the sauce a bit. Use only if required.
  8. Any unused portion will freeze well for later use.

Enjoy your meal!

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